Sunday, 25 June 2017

T-72B accident in Minsk

A T-72B suffered an accident during a rehearsal for the independence parade at Mink. The most likely cause was excessive of speed. It seems that the driver did try to slow down before losing control. In the first photo a EQ2058 vehicle (from China) can be seen.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Possible T-90 acquisition by Egypt

According to several Russian blogs, Egypt could have signed a contract for 400-500 T-90MS. The dea would include final assembly in local facilities. At the moment there is no more information. Is the contract is indeed signed, it would be a huge success for Uralvagonzavod, manufacturer of the vehicle.

T-90MS (

In recent years Egypt has acquired large quantites of Russian hardware (S-300, MiG-29, Ka-52). The financing would be provided by the Middle East monarchies, who want to avoid Iranian influence in the region.



Ammunition used by ISIS tanks

Jim Warford has uploaded this graphic at tank-net forum. It shows the different ammunition used by T-55s/ and T-72s operated by ISIS. The round on the left is probably a BM-8 APDS. It was retired in the late 70s due to obsolesence. The one in the middle is a Belgian M1000A1 APFDSD, exported to Syria in the 1980s. The one on the right is the hardest to identify. The nose is quite long, thus it could be a 3BM-42


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Shooting competition organised by North Korean Air Force

The North Korean Air Force has published photos of the targeting/shooting competition, organised yearly. The event is very simple, a darts board is drawn in a proving ground and different types of aircrafts shoot at it. The event was  supervised by Kim Jong-Un.


- Fotos vía twitter.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sosna-U fire control system in a T-72B3

These photos are rather interesting because they show the “insides” of T-72B3, the upgraded version used by the Russian Army. Large numbers have been acquired in recent years and they were used in the Ukraine conflict. The main improvement is the Sosna-U FCS (Fire control system), which has a thermal sight. The first image shows another T-72 as seen by the thermal camera. The second image shows a screen for the driver.

The third image shows the parameters included in the FCS. In previous versions many of these were not included. Now they are calculated automatically. The first 5 are:

- Temperature of propellant.
- Temperature of air
- Atmospheric pressure.
- Wind speed.
- Lateral inclination.


Monday, 5 June 2017

MiG-23 shot down in Syria

A Syrian MiG-23 was shot down Nort-East of Damascus by the Free Syrian Army. The pilot has been killed. The Flogger has been identified as MiG-23 "2797. There are no details on the type of weapons used to bring down the aircraft.



Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MiG-29 selection by Yugoslav Air Force

A new book on the MiG-29 service in former Yugoslavia was recently published. It provides many interesting details on it's acquisition, as one of the chapters was written by an officer involved in the selection process..

The reason to acquire the Fulcrum was that the MiG-21 fleet was running out of hours and the Yugoslavian Novi Avion would bot be ready for operations until 1995.

A Yugoslav delegation visited the USSR in December 1985. They were shown different types of weapons, all known except one. I This was the MiG-29 . It had a completely new configuration with very unusual air intakes and wing shape. The Yugoslav delegation

The new radar was not inferior to those used by Mirage 2000/F-16, and it had an optical sighting system, which could be combined with a helmet sighting system pilot, allowing missiles to be fired at an angle.

In mid 1986 the government of Yugoslavia decided to acquire 14 single seat aircrafts and 2 double. The price of one aircraft without weapons was 15.9 million $. At that time the F-16 and Mirage 2000 exceeded 30 million $.

One of the officers involved in the selection states that back then the MiG-29 was superior to the other available options (F-20, Mirage 2000, F-16). It was cheaper and had better performance. At that time it was equipped with an electro-opctical sighting system, which the West only fielded after 10 years. Also, parts of the MiG-21 could be used in the MiG-29 -this probably refers to armament-.