Friday, 20 October 2017

Weapons and Security 2017 exhibition in Kiev

On 10-13 October the exhibition "Weapons and Security 2017" was held in Kiev (Оружие и безопасность-2017). The Ukrainian industry showed some it's latest weapons. The most interesting novelty was the Strazh combat support vehicle, similar in philosophy to the Russian BMPT.Other vehicles like the tractor conversion don't deserve much credit.

Strazh vehicle


Light weapons

Kraz truck with Uragan rockets


Upgraded BRDM-2, named BTR-NIK.


Practika. upgrade of BTR.

Techimpex Light Tactical Vehicle.

AT missiles.

Remote stations for machine guns



Armoured vehicles.
KRAZ truck.

Upgraded ZSU-23-4.


Polish self propelled gun KRAB.

Armoured transport created by Boris Tkach from T-150 tractor.


 Driver position.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

First Mi-26T2 helicopter for Jordan

Photos of the first Mi-26T2 heavy helicopter for Jordan have appeared in the media. This country signed a contract for 4 helicopters in September 2016.


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Syrian MiG-29 with RVV-AE missile

23-9-2017: New photos

This photo was just published in twitter. Behind the pilot being interviewed there is MiG-29 with a RVV-AE BVR missile. The image is significant because it confirms the modernisation received a few years ago. Syrian MiG-29s have not been so used as MiG-21/23 or Su-22. They are the most modern type and have an advanced air to air capability. It is likely that the Syrian Air Force does not want to risk loosing them.




Monday, 18 September 2017

T-80BVs at Zapad-17 military exercise

Internet media from Russia and Belaus have published photos of T-80Bvs during the Zapad-17 military exercise. Up to a few years ago they were not that common in the Russian Army as most of them were into storage. Now they will be upgraded to the standard BVM. The vehicles below belong to the 4th Tank Division.



Saturday, 16 September 2017

One hundred years of Spanish Naval Aviation

On the 13th of September the Spanish Naval Aviation it's 100th aniversary. Loads of photos and other material can be found by using the "hashtag" #100AviaciónNaval in twitter. The video below, created by the Spanish Navy, is excellent, and shows some of the ships and aircraft used in all these years.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Russia will reactivate T-80 tanks


Some photos have surfaced in otvaga2004. The modernised vehicle uses many elements from T-72B3 modernization (ERA armour, FCS). The table seems to contain a few mistakes. I have never come accross the designation GTD-1250OTF, and gun is the same as in older vehicles.


Russian press has reported that Omsktransmash, Uralvagonzavod and the Russian MoD have signed a long term contract to modernise and support T-80s (1). The vehicles will receive a Sosna-U FCS, equipped with a thermal sight and automatic tracking system for the target. The upgraded version will have a lower fuel consumption, as in current versions it can reach 7.5 liters/km. The operating temperatures will be lower, with starting capability at -50°C. 


Russian MOD will reactivate an unspecified number of T-80BV. Defence companies "Omsktransmash" and "Special Design Bureau of Transport Machinery" will create a modern version with new armour, generators (*) and Sosna-U. The objetive is to unify the systems with those used in T-72/90.
T-80BV in Chechnya's first war (Unknown copyrigth).

It is probable that the tanks will be fielded in areas like Siberia, Far East or the Artic, where the turbine can use it's superior cold start characteristics.

The reason that led to the reactivation is that tanks equipped with turbines are more suitable in very cold areas, like Siberia, Far East or the Artic. The cold start characteristics are an advantage of turbines over diesel engines. This was also considered during the Soviet era by fielding T-80U and UD in different areas. There are currently 3000 T-80BV in storage.

- (1)

(*) It probably refers to an AUP (Auxiliary Power Unit).

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Douglas Bader's humour

I wonder what would happen nowadays if you go to a school and tell anecdotes in this way...